can someone help?


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Hello everyone

I have few ideas about what to gpu to buy to start mining with but i cant find the data i need to decide so maybe if someone can help me here i would appreciate it so much.
so i think i have special condition that is electricity cost for me is only 0.03 cents/kWh witch is awesome. So now i want to add more gpus to my farm but i am thinking that i can make more profits going with lower priced gpus with good hashrate and but high power consumption as many as i can buy because space is not a problem.
for example i think i can make more profits running 30 gpus with lower hashrate and higher power consumption than 10 efficient gpus.
something like nvidia tesla k10 instead of a 1080 or a 1080ti.

So i cannot find reliable hashrates and power consumption of the tesla k10 but the can be priced as low as 100$ used to compare it to a more common mining gpu so i can choose which one will make more profits on the long run.

i hop you get what i am trying to say and sorry for any mistakes.


If you're planning on mining bitcoin with GPUs, then chances are, you're going to have a really bad time. If you have profitability in mind and not necessarily help secure the bitcoin network, then you're better off mining altcoins and just sell them for fiat/bitcoin.

These will probably help you pick coins to mine:
I second this. In your bid to save cost, you've got to use also what works more efficiently. It's a good thing your electricity cost is quite low and you've got all the space you need for effective mining but then, with the mining pool Bitcoin have got, mining seem to be a rather difficult task compared to mining of Altcoins. Hence, it would profit you more to mine Altcoins and in turn exchange them for btc or covert to fiat as it pleases you to do.


I see no mention of bitcoin in OP, just mining.

You won't find any data for Tesla because no one mines with them.

What you really need to determine is if the lower price of less efficient hardware compensates
for the higher power consumption


The Tesla GPUs are usually server chassis type of GPUs and they are for workstation and generally very expensive and there isn't any optimization for them. Since there is no algos for them then they will perform poorly mining most type of coins.

There are hundreds of thousands of RX series or Nvidia GTX series GPUs so miner developers design an algo optimization for those. However the Tesla GPUs are very rare and unless you hire some developer yourself you will get very low hash rate.

My advice just send them to eBay and buy some RX 570/580 GPUs with 8GB of ram. They are dirt cheap


First of all thanks guys for replying

the second thing i did not mean to mine bitcoin i meant to say Altcoins.Spesially Ethereum.

i already have 52 1080ti mining smoothly and im using Hiveos to mine.

i also would like to show you guys that i did some research before i asked for some expert in mining Altcoins.

so replying to you guys one by one

@Febo and @mk4 i didn't mean to make you thing i'm planning to mine bitcoin i really meant Altcoins.

@Smartvirus This is exactly what i mean i want to mine Ethereum and when its value goes high i would exchange it for fiat to maximise profits

@JayDDee no i didnt say bitcoin anywhere in my post.I found some data and i found this

from this post in 2018

@adaseb i looked them up it goes for about 50-120$ on ebay sometimes even lower

also i can buy a full dell r710 servers with power supply and full parts form 1-300$ yes 1$ running 2gpus

so roughly in total 300 for 2 guys and a server unit.While a 1080 ti comes at 1000$ used and you still need all the rest part: power supply, motherbord, fans, rig, cables.

so what do you think guys?