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Hello there good folks, could anyone pls help with broadcasting.
When I created a new BTC address on i put it as my refund address in market wallet and also public key for multisig.
I got refunded, I have never done that before with,
So I went to New -> Transaction, it showed me how much money I have and what wallet I want to send it to. So I changed the address of wallet to my Blockchain wallet and pressed submit,
Verified showed me my transaction script.
Sign bar gave me Signed Transaction green window
When I go to broadcast and paste that text and press submit it gives me Missing inputs, even though my outputs are smaller than inputs in first window of transaction.
Could anyone please help what am I doing wrong?!

Thank you!!!


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Well.. You were going to broadcast the transaction anyways. Since you're using a throwaway account, you might aswell show us this signed transaction so we can have a look at it. Showing us said transaction could potentially decrease your privacy. It's also a possibility to PM your tx to a trusted user.

An other option would be to download electrum from, verify electrum's signature (the binary HAS to be signed by ThomasV), create a new wallet using your private key and spend your funds from electrum's gui.


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Is there a preview/decoder window in

This error essentially means you've probably missed some inputs when signing the tx. I'd go back and check.
What's the size of your inputs v outputs?