Did I compromise my paper wallet? Help and opinions appreciated


New member
So I was on a PC the other day and made a new paper wallet over https://segwitaddress.org/

I saved a copy of it using snipping tool on windows to save a screencap of the public key and private keys and saved it onto my secure crypto usb.

Then I also, and this is where I might've fucked up, I also right clicked and selected 'Print to PDF' to save a PDF of the webpage too.

My question is: Does the PC (Windows 10) store the printed file anywhere? I've removed it entirely off the pc and onto my usb too however i'm worried that there is a cashe of the file stored somewhere on the PC or in the browser (google chrome).?

I'm thinking it may be a file or a piece of data that an average user man not stumble upon however a hacker could uncover...

If there is a file somewhere on the PC how do i remove and completely clear the data? or am i overly cautious and should not worry.