Did you use OKPAY to buy Bitcoin?


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Hi everyone,

Bitcoin is volatile, but its price has gone up more than 30-fold this year. And this day, bitcoin price keeps going up up up.

And I carry a lot of OKPAY. I was wondering you guys how to sell your OKPAY it will be more benefit.

Also, if you carry too much OKPAY, will you sell them or exchange to Bitcoin, Perfect Money.

Please share your experience with me .THX.


There are people who can do this for you. However, you might end up paying high fees. You should go to the currency exchange section and you should find a few people who do this regularly.

One example is zazarb, who does the exchange with an added 7% onto the Bitcoin price.

If you want good rates, I would always suggest just using an exchange (and if you don't want to use ID, LocalBitcoins)


For me, it would be much better indeed investing in bitcoin. OKPAY money only as the Ascension or gain obtained is extremely small, unlike the bitcoin. But indeed before investing in the bitcoin, then we should be able to closely experience a market that exists. Because it has a lot of carefulness bitcoin and persistence, if not then the whole thing will only be obtained with a small profit


You can try and sell them here, but I am not sure if there are enough interest over those kinds of funds because there might be issues with fears of chargeback. Though I think you can find someone interested in it at the currency and exchange section. Try to post a request there


I just looked at the information in several exchangers and saw that without problems you can buy bitcoins through OKPAY. This is a popular international payment system, which is available in many exchangers


I used to do it in past without problems, But after they been sold i don't know how they are doing
You can do the exchange from within okpay itself or use external exchanger, the one i use continuously with good rates is


But if you putting lots in investment only and not looking for short income return then it's better if you use it to make a deposit in one of the bitcoin exchanges sites like btc-e , spread the amount over multiple options like bitcoin , ethereum and litcoin and some others , then your capital should be safe from market sudden changes as you have it spread over multiple options

The only con of this is some might drop and some might rise fast so you need to monitor changes daily or even each few hours if possible

Good luck


The only place from where I buy bitcoins is on localbitcoins as I find that place very trusted and safe and I am buying from there since long time and haven't faced any issue with the security of money as there are many trusted traders with high trust ratings and localbitcoins use escrow which makes it even more safer.


I suggest use Paxful or Localbitcoin for buy Bitcoin, both are best place for buying and have many trust seller with good price. If you want buy Bitcoin from other virtual cash as Perfectmoney, OKPAY, Advcash, ... you can use changer.com - best choice for exchange virtual cash


The best option is exchange all your money in OKPAY into bitcoin and hold them in your off wallet and wait 1 august over