Dose meme helps a crypto to be viral?


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In recent time i noticed such thing that in every new project or old project announced meme contest. Where they give such big amount in community for making memes about their project . Now what do you think is this memes really can attract investors?


No I don't believe that. Actually, I would say that memes kinda humiliate their subject, at least from my perspective. Dogecoin is the only exception since it's a meme itself. I still don't get how the hell did that crypto go that far. People sometimes just want to repeat a significant event with the belief that it will succeed. Accept it, no first crypto adopters will have the same luck as the bitcoin's ones!

Anyway, I went a little off-topic. Forgive me.


It depends on how the meme creator perceive the outcome to the people IMO. Thus, the results would vary from how creative the creator and how easy it is for the people to understand the message behind the meme. I think most people who knows meme might actually bumped into Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. So it's easier to spread the awareness Bitcoin but be mindful if a certain project is not yet familiar to the audience then it's gonna be hard for them to understand the message behind it.


AFAIK I have not seen a big project or any project that are paying people to make a meme about them, you may be mistaking art contest for meme contest, because project do run contest about an Art of to portray their project, which maybe they can use for their publicity.
All contest, promo, are all to get the project to people, it can attract people but still many staunch thinking investors still look critical before investing no matter how attractive the contest was


There are many studies on meme now and it's established that they are more than just a fun material and a part of the internet culture.
Many of the prominent government supposedly have meme army for organizing espionage, propaganda and psychological warfare.

Meme has became much more important as almost all of the population are now connected and interact through internet and memes can be easily reach a large population without substantial effort. We have already seen a tik tok video making dogecoin go bull but we'd like to see meme that would actually educate people about crypto with fun rather than making them an scapegoat. Meme would certainly have a role in wider crypto adoption.


I doubt that many people are enjoying this kind of forced memes that are created in such contests. The reason why these scams are doing this is because it costs them nothing to print tokens out of thin air and spend them to hire bounty hunters to do all sorts of promotions - blogs, videos, reposts and memes.


In recent time i noticed such thing that in every new project or old project announced meme contest. Where they give such big amount in community for making memes about their project . Now what do you think is this memes really can attract investors?
No its just been part or been a traditional on seeing those memes but i dont see anything wrong with it but rather its too enjoying to see those memes.

We cant really be just serious from time to time but i dont see for these memes to be that significant for them as a driving force for a particular project to go viral.

It all goes to project relevance and utility on where the masses do decide if its worth to be supported or not but i do agree on things like on being hyped
but nothing beats out when mooning price is caused by an organic consideration rather than on just being shilled.


I am not sure if this is the right section for this thread. The question is why projects invest to create a meme if they don't have ROI? Either they have a good ROI or they want to brand their platform. Branding is quite important for a platform, so I believe meme would help with it. For example, somewhere you see a meme for a project, then you might take a deep look at what is that, and eventually, you might be interested in investments


I believe that it does,
Good or bad publicity is still publicity and they are trying to make the best out of it.
If you think about it they are just trying to make it cheaper publicity just like in Bounty by using meme maybe they are also trying to blend in with what's trending


Memes are just for entertainment I think there is no contest for big projects that do this and one more thing investors will not be interested in the power of the meme, but art contests will always be held for a payoff or that's what they need, and still memes aren't will be recognized as a legitimate image because it's just a joke we do a lot.

I see now a lot of contests are being held for my promotion, for example, with a fixed gambling platform they are looking for quality images in the art of memes may not be serious material in large numbers for the reward


Maybe yes and maybe not depending on how interesting the meme is
but mostly I don't think so because there are very few cryptocurrency memes that become popular today


Memes are meant to draw ones attention mostly in a funny way and most people see it as entertaining that is why most of these projects do meme contest so as to get a larger audience.
When there is a large audience on your project, you sure would attract investors because there is this feeling that profit would be made