EarnBet making its own gaming ecosystem . So what does this mean for $BET ??


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$BET is the native platform token of EarnBet which powers the Dividend system available in the platform . It is a really low supply token with a good ROI on dividends paid in BTC and ETH . But when it come to price the token is still at a 7 Cent mark with a really low MCap .

With the recent inflation and emission changes to $BET got the token to a more plausible price
but making its own gaming ecosystem could be a total game changer .


Own gaming ecosystem with in-house and 3rd party slots and more importantly adding sports betting in the platform with access to betting with their own platform tokens or getting benefits on bets like cashback according to how much bet the user hold could actually get this low market gem to a new all time high by 2021 .


So what do you guys think ?

CMC token link for research here .


What could make this token go even higher would be to implement this to multiple stuff. Right now it is a gambling thing, people go there and gamble and lose money and you get that as dividends for you, every single cent lost there goes to people who holds the tokens so that is awesome and people like it as it is already. However if you could grow this into bigger things, you could actually make a lot more money and dividends, they are doing staking and so forth but those are not needed, being able to do more things with the token is not the way to go, being able to earn more dividends is the real need here. So if they could add more and more stuff (both gambling and non gambling) that could earn more dividends to holders, they could increase the demand for the token as well.


Alredy we've got more number of Casinos having their own native tokens for gambling apart from bitcoin, ethereum and top listed altcoins. Paying dividend for the volume of token holding is followed with specific investments. Now the same is being taken into the gambling business, and this doesn't gonna be a game changer. As stated it isn't anything specific or their own gaming ecosystem, because these are already in use.


The ranking is far from the top although it is widely used as token for gambling in EarnBet but this doesn't mean it would give a good fortune in the long run. Investors might want to invest it since bull market hasn't been started yet but I won't advise people to hold it in the long run. It might be good as an investment nowadays since the hype of bull market is carrying almost all of the altcoins but after the bull run it might drop big.


If the platform is able to attract users then it will be a success story, we have seen several in tokens gambling sites in the past and there were sites that even conducted ICO but we all know what happened to those sites, having a token ecosystem is good as long as you are able to attract the customers, i have seen the site advertising in the forum and lets see how it will go in the long run.


I like those dividends tokens but I'll choose even better like Tezos and NEO and other staking coins that I can easily earn without worrying if their service will go out of service. The gaming community is upgrading from time to time and there will be no forever players that will stay or if there will be, they are few. I'm not judging the token but I'll still look for better offers and to the progress of this platform and token.