Food prices doubled this year


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The dynamism of the world economy now is on the high side. This is because the world is indirectly facing hard times even before the covid-19 problem. Covid-19 only increases the level of hard times. Most GDP are dropping because jobs have been lost.

The governments need to look into agriculture seriously because of food shortage globally.


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Every countries face the hard time because of covid19. The inflation and economic problems become one of biggest impacts from pandemic. Food price doubled this year because that is the main need of human being. Everyone need food but the food storage can't fulfill demand. In my country, food price around 10-30% increase. This problem will influence society with low and middle income badly. If government can't handle the inflation of the country, it will be gate of biggest crisis for future.


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I believe that in this matter it is necessary to take into account a lot of circumstances that affect the prices of different products. The fact that today inflation in most countries is very high is primarily the government's fault, because they do not know how to cope with problems and print a lot of paper notes, while money depreciates, and the goods become more expensive. In addition, one must take into account the fact that even bad weather conditions affect agriculture, which leads to an increase in the price of the corresponding product.


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There seems to be an abundance of food in the UK, especially now we are binning the profligate EU, and you can pick up loads of bargains in the supermarkets if you look. I picked up a pack of 4 avocados for 10 pence the other day because they were on their dead-by date, and it will take about a week for them to ripen enough to eat.

Stinging nettles, thistle roots, dandelions, and bramble shoots are all healthy food options, and they are all freely available in the hedgerows.


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There is an existing price freeze on the essential goods not just on foods but as well as health products to cover up fighting back against covid-19 specially on alcohol at the first months of the pandemic to let people still be able to purchase goods since most of the people are on low budget and are out of job due to the temporary closure of work places. After the ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) that get into becoming GCQ (General Community Quarantine) which enables people to get back into work following the new normal protocols released by our government and health officials, we have observed that there is a gradual increase on the prices of commodities in the market but it does not reached on the price getting doubled for the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) here in our country is closely monitoring the price movement that must be on the budget of the local low earners. Gladly even we are facing a crisis, there is no doubling on the price of food that happened. Just a little top up on the prices which is expected and normal thing that always happen in a situation of crisis.


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This is happening in many countries as we are also facing same problem due to this Covid-19 many middle class and lower class facing some serious problems due to this hike in prices but no one can do any thing as governments are not giving their 100% due ro corruption and many other factors labours and clreikle staff have also some serious trouble salaries not increased and foods and stuff already on high note mean suicide cases also increasing I was really shocked to check a family of four done this few days back as they was not able to have food.


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Price have doubled this year because of this pandemic actually many countries are suffering the failing of the economy. The impact of this pandemic is really huge it hits all people. Also, the livelihood becomes affected and even the farmers has limited to supply that cause of shortage of goods. And we also know there is still quarantine so the jobs and business are still limited to open.


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I really don't have full details of food prices, but from what I have seen so far(esp where I stay), price remain stable... Some things, esp factory products probably added a little (maybe 5-10%). Most things from peasants/small farmers or sellers remain the way they are. Most of the healthy things remain thesame... that's what matters most.


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Food prices are doubled this year because of the inflation and high numbers of unemployment that people don't have enough money to buy more goods or other consumer products, that it is why the price of every products have increased and surge in demands. So no doubt that inflation have occurred during the pandemic.


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It must be happening to the areas that are locked down still. The only who will survive if it's going to take longer are the ones with the food supply which is why no matter how much the price will be, people are still going to buy. Businessmen are taking advantage of the demands and while the products are needed the most by the people, they will indeed sell for a price.


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In Italy we haven't see this huge increase in food price. It could be a disaster here if prices will have an increase like this.
Just some merchant tried to pump price during COVID19 Lockdown but in most of the cases has been just temporary.
PS I am curious where you live?
When i have time i go to local market to check prices

Vegetable prices doubled
Fruit prices doubled
Meat prices around 30% increase
Grain products around 20% increase

And my country is a exporter of food products

How is it in your country ? Same ?


My country is Romania

We tried to ban exports of grain ,but stupid EU intervened...


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In the UK things a little bit higher but not by much. I think by average salary vs the percentage spent on food we have the cheapest food in the world, or near to it. When I compare France or the US food seems considerably more expensive.