FTX Review: The Best New Crypto Derivatives Platform


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Lately I've been trading more and more on FTX.com, mainly due to all the issues that Binance has been having. The options and types of contracts available on FTX are unique and can't be found anywhere else and it now ranks as the 5th highest volume exchange.

Decided to do a full write up of the exchange and my trading experience there: https://www.cryptoadvocate.net/post/ftx-review


I've been curious about their leveraged BULL/BEAR tokens, which are similar to 3x ProShares UltraPro ETFs you find for commodities and stock indices. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5226148.msg53847830#msg53847830

Any idea about VPN policy? They don't allow US customers but Tier 1 verification (email/name/country) allows $2000 per day in withdrawals. That's good enough for me if I can squeak by behind a VPN
Dont see why it wouldn't work but obviously do so at your own risk


I tried their leverage bull and bear token on bitmarx I was using binance before it was removed. The truth is that it makes you choose easily between bull and bear market but the drawback is also there


For Options, I use Sparrow Exchange. Its a lot simpler to trade there with their UI. I do have have accounts on Deribit as well as FTX. Its nice to have competition in the derivatives market. You can get some good value trades out of it, juggling through the platforms


The FTX Derivative Exchange has partnered with custodian Coinbase Custody International. The latter will store the native ERC-20 FTT token


FTX released 4 video podcasts, he will tell and share his experience with the encoder Mike Van Rossum


The 9th video podcast from FTX was released, featuring the co-founder of Dex.Blue and one person an expert in the field of DeFI of decentralized finance - Angelo Min