Looking for partners, creative writers, members who know a lot about Ethereum.


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Hello there and thanks in-advance for reading this! I am kind of new here but have been a lurker for years but never thought of registering until now has I wanted to do something of my own, you can call me Ricki or Rick by the way! Today I have started a new project I will be working on closely! I have got the domain, and paid for a year hosting and done a few bits and bobs, but I have now come to a stand still, I don't know what else to add, content is not a problem as that will follow over space of time, and hopefully I can find some partners who have interested in this to help take this project further.

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Get in touch, drop me with a PM on with your discord or something.


Can you tell us what the project is, or even the domain name?

If you're just planning on launching a very specific technology discussion board, you have a long battle ahead from many established communities.


So are you looking to hire people, or are you looking for volunteers? If it's the latter, what do they get out of it?

There's far too many people trying to solicit free labour on this forum, so it would need to be something truly special to be worth the hassle.

You didn't paint a convincing picture with your opening post that's for sure.


i closed down this project because its not one for me.
That's unfortunate, can you give us reasons why you are closing it down, you have a good domain and you are targeting a good projects that will soon become a top cryptocurrency I'm not saying that you should continue, but what made you decide it's not for you, in the first place what made you decide to put up this project


i closed down this project because its not one for me.
A successful project always requires countless hours of hard working, study, etc.
If you think it is not for you, that you don't have the natural aptitude for it, it is best to move on.