Miners: What kind of fee information do you see on our transactions?


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Hi there miners. I asked myself this question after some personal confusion (now cleared up) on fee estimations on Bitcoin transactions. Using a SegWit capable blockexplorer like Blockchair, I see that my transactions have three different fee calculations: per kB, per kWu and per kVB.

A non-SW explorer like Bitcoininfo only shows kWu, so previously thought that I had been spending fees lower than what they actually are, based on kVB.

But are all miners seeing SW txs like this?


That's actually a good question. I understand how including the most txes with the most fees per kVB will mean including the maximum number of txes with the largest fees. But I can't help think about flat fee.

Let's assume someone broadcasts a tx with a ton of inputs and a chunky script size. If it only uses 1/3rd the average of network fees/byte, (https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/ I generally use this website to see the minimum fee needed for the tx to be confirmed in the next block), but even with very low fees, the flat payout for this big transaction is considerable, is it still going to be seen as any other tx? So by pure satoshis/byte? I always wondered if miners choose to ignore these kind of transactions.


All mining is segwit so the segwit anti 1-address calculation is what decides.
It's not bytes or whatever that other thing is, it's kVB.
btc.com shows an estimate on the front page.