Mining Bitmain SHA museum


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Hi all!
I'm a fan of mining...
This is my hardware mining museum since 2013 when i started this beautiful experience....
All products are fully functional
Unfutunately now is impossibile mining sha protocol if you don't have a mining farm...
The best home mining item?
Antminer U1.... was a silent miner with a consumption of 2 watt....perfect marriage with Raspberry pi.....

The worst miner?
Antminer S11 with a horrible power supply......

In the photo you can see:

First row : Antminer U1 - Antminer R1 - Antminer R4 - Antminer U3
Second row : Antminer S1 - Antminer S5 - Antminer S7 - Antminer S3 - Under Antminer S5/S7 there is an Antminer S2.
Third Row : Antminer S9 - Antminer S11 - Antminer S15

Unfortunately i don't have Antminer C1 and S4.... damn....


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They also have a U2 ... the updated U1 ... which I used for testing at home until (recently) when I got some NewPacs.


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Where are you located? I'm in the US and happen to still have 2 each of the C1 and S4 miners. If you want to round out your collection I might let a C1 and S4 go for just the cost of shipping. Do be aware that the things are rather heavy...

The Bitmain miners were very good up to around the s9 batch-11. I still have at least 1 of the S1 - S7's (not running of course). Still have a working R4 that I run in my office as a space heater. I donated most of my S1, s3, s5 & s7's to Sidehack for him to use as parts/chips for his USB sticks.

My collection stops at the s9's because after having around 20% of my s9 hash boards from batch-11 through batch-25 die I finally said 'screw this' and joined the Avalon camp. Despite running > 40 Avalons of various types since late 2016 aside from 2 dead fans - for which Canaan promptly sent me replacements - ZERO failures.


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Why put your name all over the photo, you stupid asshole? Makes it hard to see the things in the photo.

Stupid asshole hmm maybe he simply does not want someone to use the photo to con people.

That photo should be used on eBay via cut and paste to make a lot of false sales by a scammer.

With the amount of security he used that won't happen.

But it does make it hard to see all his gear.


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Why put your name all over the photo, you stupid asshole? Makes it hard to see the things in the photo.
I like this forum, i like the people of this forum , i like to share my experience, my ideas and my photo but not all peolpe are trusted....
This is a special photo, i think that nobody has ever taken a similar photo like this..
Is important think about the consequences of your action and for me the worst thing is to know that one of my photo is used to scam someone....
I have no problem to share the photo with trusted people, for example if Philimpa1957 ask me to send the original photo to him is perfect , i send the original photo in my whatsapp group, i know all people of my group...
But share this photo to all no.
I respect your idea that i'm a stupid asshole , i respect a idea of all people...
Now all people says what kind of person are you.
A person who offends others for free.
Have a nice day.


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Very nice collection my first miners were S3+ miners still have them to this day.

I'm sure one day these things will be very much like the NES or C64.

Thanks for sharing.


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Why put your name all over the photo, you stupid asshole? Makes it hard to see the things in the photo.
They ^^ are probably just pissed because they can't use the picture to run a scam or crop it to use the picture for selling gear on eBay. Boo hoo....


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Nice collection

KNC miners would be needed as they were the first ASICs AFAK.
Good old Jupiters, Saturns and Neptunes.

Also Butterfly Labs.