MultiSig address based on the same repeated public key


New member
For some test purposes I have created the 7/10 multisig address based on the same public key repeated 10 times (the same public key was used 10 times rather than 10 different). For the release condition I used 7 signatures.

I transferred small amount to this address, but now can not release it. While I sign the output transaction I use the private key once, and as the private key refers to every of 10 addresses, it adds 10 signatures. And finally I received the signed message 10/10, but only 7/10 is required.

When I broadcast the signed transaction, I receive the error: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Dummy CHECKMULTISIG argument must be zero) (code 64)

I suppose that it is because 10 signatures were added to the signed transaction, but only 7 are required.
Do you know now to release funds from my test multisig address?

PS. Before this I created 2/2 multisig account based on 2 different public keys generated from the same private key (one public key was compressed, another was uncompressed). It was not possible to release the funds signing by 2 signatures. But after that I tried to sign only once with one compressed address signature, and it added all 2 required signatures to the transaction and released it. It is interesting - for multisig addresses it does not mean if the private key compressed or not.