My small (but growing) mining farm


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Some of you may know, I used to have my machines remotely hosted years ago. This was basically because the cost of power in Connecticut is the third highest in America. I knew I was moving to Michigan so in January of 2018 I started looking for a perfect facility. This ended up being one of the hardest parts as industrial rental properties were far too large and too high of rent, and the commercial spaces lacked the appropriate power.

I ended up finding a hybrid space in April which was perfect. The front has an office and the back is about 1000sq ft of garage space, with 25 feet high ceilings and an overall length and width of roughly 50'x15'. I have room for roughly 2000 miners given the high ceilings. The problem was the current panel was only 200amps with mostly 120v, so I had to spend a decent amount getting another 200amp panel installed full of 3 phase 230v breakers.

So my current setup consists of 24-120v outlets on 20amp breakers and 12-230v outlets on 20amp breakers. I started off with 19-S9s and 6-T9s. Now I am utilizing pdu's to expand before having to expand with another 400amp panel. I already have the local electric company coming next week to provide a site survey for my transformer upgrade. Reason being, once I hit 55 machines I will be at max capacity.

Now I have acquired 10 more s9s and 1 z9, and hope to acquire another 10 in the next few weeks. Being 25 feet tall ceilings I came across a new challenge. The extensive height of the ceilings made the hot air pool up at the metal roof and come down like a thick fog drowning the miners in heat. So the solution was a 30000cfm upblast exhaust fan in the roof and mesh holes in the garage door for air suction in. I am still building and had to spend a lot of time fixing cosmetics, but here are my machines as they stand now. Attached is the video of the space after I installed the fan (still working on cosmetics as a construction company was here previously and left it in pretty rough shape).

Questions, comments, recommendations certainly welcome. (Yes those plastic racks will go in favor of the black and the cabling will get sorted once my electrician comes and tells me what can/cannot be done and where.


Good job bro, i hope you will be able to ROI , looks like a lot of money is spent on setting up the farm aside from the cost of asics and psus, as for the cooling, since you have that much space and relatively a small number of machines, try to keep a distance between them, that will help in keeping both temps and fans low.


I don't want to be a jerk but there is so much wrong with that setup, I don't know where to start. You're blowing hot exhaust against a dead wall space, it's then deflecting and rising into your electric connections, (They don't like Heat) Coiling and furling back up over and around, back into your intakes, ( more heat )' You have no defined intake and exhaust to create clean airflow over your Chip sets. It's analogous to putting your units in their own self heating oven. If you can create a smaller well defined pathway of air intake through the units and a channeled defined exhaust out, you will be better off. Ideally you will want to control the "living space" of the units so they are living in a roughly -5 CFM pressure so the exhaust is slightly pulling air flow into your intakes. Good luck.


Great job! I too was curious about the airflow situation, but you would know better than we would what the temps around those power connections are. I imagine where you're located, overheating is less of an issue this time of year, so it seems like you'll have plenty of time to get some ducting in place, or whatever you choose to use.


Why are you still hogging S9's when new generations of MUCH more efficient miners are already rolling out? How in the world are you going to roi with all those money spent building infrastructure for s9's t9's possibly mining at a loss, or at most pennies a day?


Because they are profitable for me. Not worth paying four times the price of one for a mediocre upgrade. I will wait until a worthy upgrade comes along to make the jump.


Well I mean you can call pennies a day profitable, but is it really worth the huge upfront costs? I'm genuinely curious how you do the numbers because I have lost a lot of money mining with asics, notably the inno d9, which I'll never roi because of the insane upgrade the upcoming whatsminer d1 will do. So I'm thinking of only mining bitcoin from now on...


I’m landing second hand s9s for $250 shipped including psus and I’m at .067kwh moving to a new contract of .04kwh. Just because you make pennies a day off of s9s doesn’t mean everyone else does.