Nearly burned down my home due to mining farm (tips on how to stay safe )


Woke up this morning to the fire alarm and couldn't understand what it was :/
When i then walked downstairs to my miners black smoke came out from the door.
Lost ~15 BTC worth of mining hardware and have to restore the room again.
Those cubes are not safe at all !!! the funny thing is that the fuses and case is all that survived!
Luckily my last antminer hasn't arrived yet!!
so back to the old days without any mining equipment.
Probably will quit mining after this experience or move it outside in a box.
The funny thing is i just got new hardware and its all gone

Just wanted to share my story to warn people that mining is not the safest thing to do in your basement!!
Make sure that you have your cables managed and proper cooling!!! I personally thought that i had done a good job at this, however was proven wrong today.
Time to move on!! was kind of lucky im going on holiday in a few days and had planed to let them run!!
If you feel generous and want to help me build it up again:


(mod note: removed bitcoin address, no begging)


1 rig with 4 giga 280x
1 rig with 4 asus 280x
5 antminers running 205ghs
10 cubes
server 32gb ram quad cpu xeon
costume psus, ups systems, 24 port gigabit switch


now everything is in the trash!!!
could save some cube blades and a single cube!!!
have to test them thought!!


Man, so sad to hear that has happened to you. I didn't even know it is possible to have fire while mining coins


Wow that sucks..But thank God you are ok and the rest of your house hasn't burned down.
Could you post some pictures of the damage?