NEWEST Bitcoin rap - Just released "Buy Bitcoin" - (NFA)


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I really love Bitcoin BTC and cryptocurrency in general. I believe that blockchain technology is going to be used in every major technology sector that it can possibly find its way in to.

I believe that Bitcoin BTC is extremely undervalued!

This is not financial advice and you MUST do your own research before you ever commit to taking any financial risks.

I hope you enjoy this Bitcoin BTC rap!

- Mike Yeah


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I enjoyed listening to this rap song
. And yeah the whole song is amazing. Even nakamoto was mentioned and those other coins lol. Such uniqe song, I felt like dancing while listening.

Well, we have different point of views about blockchain technology. If time will come that it may be used by different sectors and field and will realized how these technology be a good help with their own system.


This is sweeeet

i like that its informative, those are my favorite BTC songs

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What a good start!

~Buy Bitcoin!~


Wow! I was actually working on a rap song. I have some of the lines already tho it's not easy to make something out of it. It feels somehow when you don't do something you could do then you find someone else doing it... Who ever that sang this, Well-done!! I love it.

Who heard that line
"But you know I'm gonna sleep with it, until we reach the moon. Buy BTCitcoin" ♥

"Buying on the dips kinda feel like I was stealing 'em" ♥

I found this too!

This too


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Ain't a fan of rap song either, but it was great! Creating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency awareness for the rap singing and listening community would definitely work slowly but surely.

However, out of all the Bitcoin songs out there, my #1 favorite was the Pokemon Parody called "Bitcoin Gotta Cash Em' All!".



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This is Nice Song .

Did you see ''Bitcoin Rap Battle: Hamilton vs. Satoshi'' , Cryptocurrency debate seemed like the perfect subject for a battle rap! He decided to pit the original bankster himself, Alexander Hamilton, arguing for the merits of centralized currencies against cryptocurrency's mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto


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It's a nice song but since it's a rap song, I actually prefer it when it's faster. Ain't a big fan of rap songs but what I usually hear with rap songs is that they have a faster flow that is why when I listened to it, I feel like it's kinda slow so I tried playing it at 1.25x speed and I liked it better. I don't know if it's just me, but I think you guys should also try playing it at that speed.

But overall, it's a nice song and I like the lyrics as well. Never expect it would be this good.