old blockchain.info mnemonic (passphrase) - I LOST ALL?


I need HELP.
Recently i fund some really old (i think from 2014 when blockchain.info started) mnemonic (passphrase)
In that time all my family was bitcoin enthusiast, so i have 5 mnemonic (passphrase) from 5 old blockchain wallets.
Absolutly all was deleted, so i forgot the wallet id and password (in that time blockchain.info not requested attached email for accounts)
The problem is that this mnemonic (passphrase) are not standard like 12 or 24 words seed + the words are not from the standard words list.
My mnemonic (passphrase) have different lengt, like 14, 17, 19 words
From my research blockchain.info in that time, at begin dont used standard words and standard longs seeds ... as i understanded his mnemonic (passphrase) was only to "decode" wallet id and password.
With the new technic bip39 master and blockchain.info account and password recovery i can do nothing ..
Blockchain support not answer at all, seems they dont want help me
Any help?