Submit article and Get 25 XRP per article


1. What about escrow for the reward funds?
2. As you are not paying in BTC, please move your topic into Marketplace (Altcoins)
(Option for moving the topic is available at the bottom left side of this page)


It's less than $5 at this moment for an article which is usually very low. I do not think anyone would be interested. Also, you do not have shared any information on requirements. Please share more specific info like how many words are required.
Also, if you are interested in running a good campaign anf get some good article, you are welcomed to PM me anytime. I will arrange a good campaign for little fee.


what sort of article do you expect people to write and what is the word size. are their limits. do people have to submit more than one article and get paid or are we required to submit only one article. cryptocurrency articles comes in different aspect. been specific and instructive can help writers and who wants to submits on your platform. it looks like you are searching for traffic.


Hello Mates,

Does anyone get XRP from them? Please let me know if anyone gets this I am interested to work on it.