Time for investment


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Top 20 coins is always a good place to start.

Before you start investing i'd recommend you to read alot! Articles, charts etc. (Remember bitcointalk is the best place to start

Here is what i did when i start:
I found a top 20 coin, found a coin with reasonable price(From my pow), and started reading about it.

Read read read - read some more - think about investing then read some more


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There are lots of project you can invest in and get great returns you should take your time to research on the various coins in the market and know their potentials before you invest in it because without adequate information you may make mistake and loss your money.


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Any suggestion for things that we could invest and make money at the same time
Look at the current price of most top coins, it has nice movement in the last 24 hours. If you did some purchase few days back then you should have made some profit already. Bear in mind that investment is always risky, it does not give you guarantee to make profit. Do your own researches is better than following suggestion from others as it is your money.


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Go here CoinMarketCap.com. Pick any coins that are in the top 10. Study it and do some research since you are investing in it and you don't want to blame anybody else just because they told you to invest in some coins.

Always do a research before investing because your money is on the line here not ours.