Trading, ICO, Lending, Bounty. Which one should I do ?


Dear friend,
So far, I know for kind of earning money from bitcoin and altcoins.
I start trading when bitcoin 17000. until now, I lost a haft of money.
ICO I have win any ICO. But I did not invest to much.
Lending I think have not join anyone. But I think in the first time you can get profit from lending. But no more later.
And now, bounty, I still reading and research information about it. No one help or support. One day, hundreds of campaign public. But dont know which one scam or good.
I am distempered. Need more advice from you here


Hi teddy, Thank you for your advices and I hope I have the mentor in bounty
. The only one you lost is the time.
Anyway, I am still study English.


You should try joining bounty campaigns. I am participating in blog/content campaigns only but it is very useful so far. Initially I was participating in every campaigns but now a days I have decided to participate only in those bounty campaigns which have some ranking. Other seniors have elaborated briefly as well.


Blogging will be very helpful but then you must be ready to do a lot of research about whatever project you want to write about. You must be very resourceful in your writings to earn rewards as most articles do not usually qualify.


I advise you should learn "How to choose a good ICO" before, you can find out many topic guide this in BCT forum and then you should also self-research to find out good ICOs for yourself.
For me, I think CloudFish is a good ICO.

CloudFish developed a security platform that enables companies and individual users to secure their assets stored in the cloud using blockchain technology. it use machine learning algorithms to automate threat detection and control before it becomes a risk to the security of users’ assets. ICO website


Lending is not really profiting because I have hardly read much of it being a very good way to make it. But ico is sure a better of it plus luck


BOUNTY is a good thing to do, they are no money to be out on your side and you can gain in via doing task.
TRading is my second option but this is not not a win win situation you need to put effort in searching which coin has the potential to go up in the market anytime.
and make sure to sell out your token at peak.