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Dear Bitcointalk community,

we are working on a project which requires more talented people. Our project did not go public yet as we want to build and prepare it for the public first. For the informational aspect I would like to share that we are building a new concept of an exchange. Please understand that at this stage we cannot issue any more information.

Instead, let’s get straight to the topic.

We are looking for freelancers and developers for various things with whom we want to expand and develop our project faster and of course more efficiently. We want to fill the following positions:

UX/UI Designer
Digital Marketing Manager
Community Manager
Graphic Designer
Content Writer

Full Stack Developer
Front-End Developer
Languages and Compiler Engineer

No open positions right now!

Please send me your application via Bitcointalk (Messages) with your contact. The above mentioned jobs are full time jobs. Every application will be examined and if you have any questions you can write to me directly here.

Telegram: @RonDeflex