What are options to mine a profitable crypto on my computer.


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I dont have the financial capacity to mine bitcoin. Is there anything I can mine profitably using my ordinary electronic gadgets like laptop, mobile and related stuff?


Good question but for that you have to search yourself. I suggest find some options and discuss here with senior members. Try to do the handwork yourself rather then finding it easily.


You can speculation mine. Grandpa did and made 8k or so =)

Grandpa's Cryptocurrency Mining Update With His Alienware Area 51 PC

If you're interested in speculating into a newer project that I would look into https://veruscoin.io/

It's one of the most profitable CPU mineable coins available and you can stake what you mine for a 28% yearly Roi.

This video focuses on one major Tech release that happened but I also skim the surface of a lot of other technology and potential that it has.

Major Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunity - Watch NOW!


I mean technically there are a couple of coins you can mine with a. Phone but we're talking pennies, literal pennies per day for 24/7 mining and degrading your phone quickly.


There are no shortcuts to answer your question, it takes personal experience. However, I would advise never
to mine with anything that has a battery unless it's ready to be junked anyway. Mobile devices aren't designed
to be run hard and don't have the heat dissipation necessary for 24*7 operation at full load. It could also be a fire hazard.


There are ways to mine however you need to invest some money. First issue is your electrical bill, if its like $0.10 kwh then its not worth mining anything. If its half that then you have some options.

You can get an ASIC however the latest ones are very expensive. At the current rates you will only make a profit if the underlying coin goes up in the near future. Hence you might as well just buy BTC and hold it.

You can get a desktop computer and buy a GPU like an RX 470 8GB and make like $0.25 per day per card before electrical costs. Same with getting a high end CPU like Ryzen and mining XMR. However the profits are small. There really is no point at the moment.


It's not good to mine without good hardware, and with laptops you will kill the battery and probably the laptop, mining requires some good way to dissipate the heat

But you can "mine" with your Smartphone

There's a coin: ETN - Electroneum - https://electroneum.com/

You can download the app on your smartphone and the app simulate a mining operation based on the power of your device, and will not consume any power or resources, the app can be closed
The only effort you will need to do is to enter on the app once a week and press a button to extend the reward

It's not a huge amount of money, but if you hold for some months the amount will be good

If you need better explanation, please leave a comment here, but it's very easy


It's a great thread to learn about mining. What I came to know is that mining game is still not over for newbies like me thanks to project like MASS, its still on.