What the future holds for bitcoin


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BTC is gradually gaining its grounds in the financial institute. Most people prefer using bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Before the advent of bitcoin local and foreign currencies were the only means of financial transactions. Currently BTC has gone beyond bothers and has also made transactions safer and faster without much stress of converting from one currency to another. From my own opinion its a better way of accumulating wealth and secure a perfect future of cashless policy


From my own opinion its a better way of accumulating wealth and secure a perfect future of cashless policy
Too early to say this. Not only because people arround the world still need more time to accept the tech and adopt it, but we can't deny the fact that bitcoin can't replace all the circulating FIAT arround the globe. In a recent analysis, 1 bitcoin should be worth $1 million if we aim to replace just the dollar currency.
Without to forget that bitcoin is still in early stages as a global currency and its network still need to be maintained by devs in order to make it stronger and solid.


If I can save fiat at home safely without any thief coming, it will be good. If I can transfer my fiat to a family abroad without the bank or any third party, it will be good. If I have not made transactions before leading to error while using fiats, it will be good. If I can maintain privacy to an extent while using fiat, it will be good. If the fiat in my country is not declining in value, it will be good. The bank I am using have just reduced maximum MasterCard international transafer from $500 to $100 monthly, worth an inconvenience.

In fact, centralization of money needs alternative.

With bitcoin, which is an alternative and a decentralized money, I can be my own bank, make transactions which will never fail but go through so far I send to the right address, I can easily transfer as many as possible bitcoin that I own to family and friends, I can have my privacy. People do not have option is the reason they are using fiat, bitcoin serves the real purpose of money, but ignorance makes people not to realize.

I sent bitcoin from my country to a friend abroad few days ago, all just at my home with ease of transactions. And that aside, bitcoin is still at its early stage, it will surely reach all time high again, it has brighter future. A money not imposed on anyone by governments or any centralized body to spend but decided by individual.


Bitcoin is financial freedom. When people learn to use it it is certain that they continue to trade for various purposes. They will probably always have Bitcoin in their wallet. Why not take advantage of the fact that it is the first active crypto in the market to make it more usable?.

While we are suffering from this global health crisis, Bitcoin has played an important role when it comes to transferring funds without borders.
For these and for many reasons, Bitcoin has been useful to provide timely responses that would have been difficult for traditional banking systems.
IMO Bitcoin has a promising future


Bitcoin has a steady progress in mass adoption and recently Bitcoin ETF has been legally approve by the proposal of NASDAQ. This should gain more exposure to Cryptocurrency, and fuel a next major bull run.
It's better to accumulate now while the price is still affordable, because we know bitcoin supply is limited its more like gold but better, and convenient and secured because its doesn't follow the conventional centralized system of banks.


Most people prefer using bitcoin as a medium of exchange.
And there are us who want it to be used as a store of value rather than a medium of exchange. Needless to say, if it's not because of most people that are using it as a medium of exchange which should be makes the liquidity high.
The future for bitcoin is somehow predictable within two possible results, will keep going or will eventually be upgraded or replaced by a newer one but we're very much too far from this scene