Why do whales move Bitcoin around from wallet to wallet?


To move coins means to use BTC for to pay something.
Maybe to reorganize also keys, g.e. an exchange has a new ceo,
so the cold wallet keys have to be different ones than before.


So now people control transactions from those who have a lot of bitcoins? do these people who have many bitcoins have no right to do whatever they want with their bitcoins? should they be saying what they will do with their own bitcoins? then comes to say that governments are controlling and we have to break free of government control, but keep monitoring and tell what people who have a lot of bitcoins should or should not do with their bitcoins


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Are they splitting the coin up into smaller wallets so they do not keep all their eggs in one basket? Any other reasons why?
Many of those whales are probably businesses. Reasons for moving? Can be a few:
- consolidating the inputs
- move some big funds to cold wallet
- move funds out of cold wallet because of some withdrawals (move part to another address in the cold wallet, another part to withdrawal and another part to the hot wallet)


@slow death:
Who controls something?
With BTC you are free to move your coins how you want. There is no goverment control.
Your posting reads like a conspiracy theory


If I were a whale I'd do the same. For security reasons, for easy accessibility and much more. The wallets are like banks to them. I have quite a number of bank accounts, and I'm not very rich. So, I'd definitely have many wallets if I had the coins.


Like you said they're whales, whales can't stay at point they move to different location at different time looking for other whales or small fishes to prey on. There transactions are mainly to earn more bitcoin for themselves for a short period of time then they move to another place to do same thing. This is also among the factor of that affects the market.


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-Moving to cold storage
-Partitioning his coins into several wallets rather than on single one

If im a whale i would definitely do the same.


Did the whale remove coin from exchanges? Can we identify is it was in an exchange or a wallet from the transaction information?

I can see if they had $100MM sitting in a exchange and then removed it, that would make a big impact on an exchange.


the article doesn't give references to any transactions in blockchain
so we can't tell (or guess) if they were consolidating, moving in/out of exchange, or etc
it only says there are several big transactions each from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet

imo, whales are getting ready to sell when the price of bitcoin surges
or they are just doing it to spread FUD so people get scared and start selling
then whales will scoop up those cheap bitcoin on the market